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Frequently asked questions

Listing your sailboat on a paid, no-commission, no-booking, no-inter messaging notification system online platform for a Peer-to-peer sailboat lodging platforms website offers compelling advantages. Firstly, you can maximize your earnings as there are no commissions, allowing you to keep the full rental amount. Secondly, the absence of a booking system grants you complete control over your sailboat’s availability, enabling you to set personalized rental terms and schedules. Additionally, the platform’s streamlined system saves you time and effort, as there are no lengthy communication exchanges with potential guests. Moreover, the platform prioritizes privacy and security by eliminating the need to share personal information directly. Lastly, this specialized website caters to a niche audience of sailing enthusiasts, increasing the likelihood of attracting guests who value and appreciate unique sailing experiences.

As a boat owner, you can list your sailboat without any listing fees, or decide to go for paid listing to have more advantages but there are no hidden charges or commissions. Additionally, guests can directly inquire about availability and rates with you, eliminating the need for online bookings.

Yes, as a boat owner, you have full control over your pricing. You can set the rates for different seasons, weekends, or any special offers you wish to provide. Feel free to adjust your pricing to suit market demand and your sailboat’s unique features.

Listing your sailboat is a straightforward process. Sign up as a boat owner on our website, provide accurate details about your sailboat, upload high-quality photos, and set your desired pricing and availability. Once your listing is live, it will be visible to potential guests.

When potential guests are interested in your sailboat, they will be provided with your preferred contact information (such as phone number or email) from your listing. They can then reach out to you directly to inquire about availability and discuss further details.

No, our platform does not have an in-built messaging system. We encourage direct communication between boat owners and guests outside of the platform to facilitate smooth and personal interactions.

Bookings are made independently between you and the guests. Once you have communicated with a potential guest and agreed on the rental details, they can confirm the reservation directly with you.

Payment arrangements are made directly between you and the guests. You can decide on the preferred method of payment, such as cash, bank transfer, or any other secure option that suits both parties.

While we don’t offer an in-built messaging system or manage bookings, we are here to assist you with any general inquiries or platform-related questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to our support team via email or phone.

To attract potential guests, make sure your sailboat listing is comprehensive with detailed descriptions and appealing photos. Utilize your own marketing channels, such as social media, to showcase your sailboat and its unique features. Positive word-of-mouth and guest reviews can also contribute to attracting more guests.

The above FAQ is specifically tailored for boat owners interested in listing their sailboats on a no-commission website. The platform’s direct communication approach empowers boat owners to handle their own bookings independently.

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