eCabins.ca is different from other rental or sharing sites. We don’t just want to be a transaction site. We want to develop a community of travelers and owners of sailboats or catamarans, interested in having great experiences.

Travelers don’t have to register on our site. They contact the owners directly, using the contact details on their description sheet (Tel., Cell., Mail etc.). This allows us to establish a more personalized contact.

eCabins never intervenes between the traveler and the owner, nor does the site allow it. There are no transactions on our site. What’s more, eCabins takes no commission on transactions. Customers organize their overnight stays or activities directly with the owner. Owners pay a monthly fee of $29 to list their sailboat or catamaran, including all other services with overnight stays, even if occasional.

Our site is also very flexible: owners can include other services in their description, such as sailing trips, navigation training, fishing, a Youtube channel or meals, WITH OR WITHOUT OVERNIGHT STAYS, and take advantage of our visibility on all social networks.

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